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Welcome to Twin City Pet Resources

Twin City Pet Resources is designed to help you find what you need for your pets, no matter how you define what a pet could be. We know your pets are special family members and they need special care, their own nutrition and great toys for play. It can sometimes be hard to find exactly what you are looking for or exactly what is appropriate for your particular pet without driving to a mega-pet center.

You probably have a service or retailer right in your own backyard. By supporting a local or small business with your purchases, you not only get what your pet needs but you are also helping the economy and the environment.

We have an ever-growing list of pet-related businesses in your own

 neighborhood ready to help you keep your pet healthy and happy 

whether it has 2 legs  4 legs  

  8 legs    or no legs.

 Use this site as a resource to find those unusual services you did not

 know existed or to find the best price on your pets’ day-to-day needs.

My Mission...

My Mission...
for all kinds of pets....  more...

Gayle + Miss Emma

Gayle + Miss Emma

This is my dog, Miss Emma. She is the rescue dog who “chose” me years ago while visiting the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. She is, of course, a great boost to my day in every way. I can’t imagine my life without an animal to care for and play with.

As a child growing up on a large farm, I had many “pets.” White rabbits galore, pigeons, horses, cats and kitties, and my favorite goat, Lady, were just a few. The farmyard was a menagerie of chickens and geese, cows and pigs and sheep. Each needed different types of food, shelter and medical care.


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