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Gayle + Miss Emma

Gayle + Miss Emma

This is my dog, Miss Emma. She is the rescue dog who “chose” me seven years ago while visiting the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. She is, of course, a great boost to my day in every way. I can’t imagine my life without an animal to care for and play with.

As a child growing up on a large farm, I had many “pets.” White rabbits galore, pigeons, horses, cats and kitties, and my favorite goat, Lady, were just a few. The farmyard was a menagerie of chickens and geese, cows and pigs and sheep. Each needed different types of food, shelter and medical care.

As a city girl, I have always lived with a dog or a cat and even the gift of a hermit crab that graced my house for some time! I find that city folks have the same diversity in animal pets that I grew up with. Not that I have ever known a city dweller to house a horse or a cow but there are many chicken coops springing up in the Metro!

My years of business management and love of the pets I have met bring me to serve your needs whether you are looking for a nice outfit for your cat or dog or food for your snake. Services are abundant in the Metro for all kinds of animals and their “humans” to make daily needs simple and bring creative ideas to your doorstep.

Visit me as often as you can! I will be featuring interesting ideas on my blog and feature stories. If you have an idea or want me to find a service or product for you, please contact me!

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